Adrian Pike

Jun 24

How we used Rails & Backbone.js to build a lightning-fast webapp.

Whenever I build a greenfield webapp, there’s a bunch of things that I take into consideration when deciding what tools to use. When we first sat down & started planning out Stride, I immediately started thinking through how I was going to put it together, what tradeoffs we were going to have, and what kinds of tools would fit best.

There were four key things we wanted to solve with our choice of tech stack & architecture:

So with those things in mind, we settled on the following big moving parts:

There were some interesting lessons learned, especially with this being our first big backbone.js app as a team.

So that’s a brief overview of the big moving parts of Stride, and some of the lessons we’ve learned so far. It’s been great fun, and I’m very excited with where we’re going. I hope you’ll join us for the adventure.

If you’ve got any comments or questions, please drop me a line on Twitter, or join the discussion on Hacker News.

Mar 10

Analytics from Hacker News & TechCrunch

So we launched Stride yesterday, and hit both the HN frontpage and TechCrunch within a half hour or so of each other. There was a bunch of learnings on the ops side that I’ll save for another post, but one of the things that I’m really excited about is that we have side by side traffic comparisons between TechCrunch & Hacker News.

Hopefully I’ll get the time to analyze and share more later, including some raw data, but here’s some interesting takeaways I saw:

Note: I sampled all this data around 10PM yesterday.

Jan 26

Moment.js - javascript date parsing/formatting/manipulating

Jan 24

brain.js - neural networks & classifiers in JavaScript.

Jan 22

Signs you're not building an MVP.